The Londonderry Fire Company's Social hall can be rented to host any type of function. The hall can seat up to 200 people.


$400 rental fee for midnight to midnight OR $50/hour
$150 kitchen rental fee
$300 deposit (deposit will be returned provided the hall has been cleaned, tables/chairs are set-up, and there is no damage to the bathrooms and/or hall)

For tenative availability check our "Events Calendar" on the left. Signed contract is required.

Social hall is new - I'm woking on getting a new video. We ask that you do not attach anything to the walls or ceiling by tape or anything that can leave a mark. Your security deposit WILL be cashed if there is any damage.

For more information, to walk thru the Social Hall or to check for availability, call Michelle Goho at 717-979-5210 and leave a message.