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In the beginning, a group of citizens who recognized the need for a supplemental fire protection in Londonderry Township began meetings at the Middletown Angler and Hunters Club. This group first met on May 2nd, 1963 to discuss the feasibility of forming a volunteer fire company. While some dissention was expressed, the majority of te forty persons present elected to proceed. Temporary officers were elected, committees were appointed and meeting dates were set. In June, the infant company held a circus with the aid of the Londonderry Civic Association. They raised $81.00 for the group. Also in June, the Sureheat Oil Company agreed tp donate a 750 gallon, 1949 Ford Tank Truck to the company. Over the summer, the group continued to meet and write the Articles of Incorporation. On September 26th, the group decided on the company's name. The new fire company would be called "Londonderry Fire Company No. 1". After they had decided on the company name, the Articles of Incorporation were submitted to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas.

At the October meeting, it was decided that all officers and any male township citizen, who attended any two meetings, may sign the Charter. They set a deadline for this at the second meeting to occur after the Charter is granted. On October 28th, the Court granted a non-profit corporation charter to the Londonderry Fire Company No. 1, Londonderry Township. The tanker, which was donated, became operational late in the year, thanks to donations of used hose extinguishers and other equipment from neighboring companies. This was also possible, due to funds provided by the civic association for the purchase of a portable pump, to be used with the tanker. A major problem became apparent with the approach of winter; There was no place to house the tanker. The tanker had to be drained to prevent damage during cold winter months. This meant that when a fire call came in, the company first had to go get water before the fire could be fought. In December, the new fire company opened a bank account in its own name and obtained a post office box.