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Company History

In the beginning, a group of citizens who recognized the need for a supplemental fire protection in Londonderry Township began meetings at the Middletown Angler and Hunters Club. This group first met on May 2nd, 1963 to discuss the feasibility of forming a volunteer fire company. While some dissention was expressed, the majority of te forty persons present elected to proceed. Temporary officers were elected, committees were appointed and meeting dates were set. In June, the infant company held a circus with the aid of the Londonderry Civic Association. They raised $81.00 for the group. Also in June, the Sureheat Oil Company agreed tp donate a 750 gallon, 1949 Ford Tank Truck to the company. Over the summer, the group continued to meet and write the Articles of Incorporation. On September 26th, the group decided on the company's name. The new fire company would be called "Londonderry Fire Company No. 1". After they had decided on the company name, the Articles of Incorporation were submitted to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas.

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This was a year of building and growing as a fire company. Meetings were held at various locations in the township, the Middletown Merchandise Mart (Big M / Saturday's Market), Corby's Garage on East Harrisburg Pike and the Black Oak Schoolhouse on Colebrook Road. The company was often referred to as the "Gypsy Fire Company" because of the lack of a permanent location. Beginning in February, each member paid $0.25 per meeting to establish the Fireman's Relief Association. The company also obtained a tax exemption number as a non-profit organization. Also in February, the portable pump arrived, it was a Gordon Rupp pump and came with two ten-foot 2 1/2 inch suction hoses. In March, the company adopted bingo and 300 clubs as their main fundraisers. Bingo was held initially at the Big M and then moved to the Black Oak School. In June, the meetings moved to the Black Oak School.

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The year began with the submission of the Articles of Incorporation for the Fireman's Relief Association in February. In March, the first glimmer of a permanent home for the fire company; A parcel of land was found that would be suitable for a fire station. The parcel was approximately four acres in size, contained a well and a small block building. It also had a possible right-of-way to Route 230. This parcel of land was purchased for a price of $4,800.00. It is the current home for the Londonderry Fire Company No. 1. In April, the operation of the kitchen and the Black Oak School was turned over to the Ladies Auxilliary. The Tanker finally got a red light and siren for emergency responses. In June, the company had a circus at Dolly Mac's on Route 230 to raise the necessary funds. In August, we obtained the deed to the property on Foxianna Road. The company had also purchased two 24-foot extention ladders to be carried on the tanker.

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The year began with the purchase of Roberts Rule of Order to be used to conduct the company meeting. In March, a number of things occurred. First, a fire hydrant was installed on the water line from the reservoir, at the intersection of Colebrook Road and Roundtop Road. Second, a sign was placed on the ground stating "The Future Site of the Londonderry Fire Co". Third, and most important, the company voted to purchase a used pumper from Union Hose Company of Middletown. This pumper is a four-wheel drive, 1942 Chevy Military Vehicle with a 300 gallon tank and a 350 gpm pump. The company purchased the pumper for $800.00. This pumper acquired the nickname "The Bullet Wagon" because of its military beginnings as a prime mover. The acquisition of this pumper made it necessary to provide housing for the vehicles. Arrangements were made with the Township to house the vehicles at the township equipmet building. A building committee was formed to begin the process of building a firehouse.

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The year began with obtaining an architect to draw up plans for the new firehouse. In March, the architect had the building plans drawn up and ready for approval. In May, we organized the “Sparkies” and made arrangements for Rescue’s ambulance in Middletown to respond on all fire calls. In June, Mr. McCorkel’s bid of $12, 700.00, to erect the shell of the building, was accepted. In July, the company purchased a truck tractor from Capital Baker’s for $1000.00 and Espenshade’s donated a tank trailer. In August, the bank approved a mortgage of $26,000.00 to build the firehouse. We are ready to go. We also held a company fair at Corby’s, we featured “Pappy Crater and his Hillbilly Polka Platter Band”. In September, the first well was drilled to 300 ft. on the property. In November, a tornado damaged the Londonderry Elementary School and caused approximately $100,000 in damages. The building’s outer block shell was up and the trusses were being set when tragedy struck the fire company as well.

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