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The year began with the company being informed by Dauphin County Control that we can not have a siren unless it is tied into KGE-633. So at this time, the company sent a letter to the county dispatch requesting that a button and alarm tone be reserved for our future use. In March, the relief association purchased 16 canvas duck coats with liners, 16 aluminum helmets and 9 pair of three quarter inch boots. The company also erected three sections of the siren tower. In April, the company installed 4 electronic air cleaning units in the social hall area. The original tanker truck is replaced with a newer used tanker, a 1954 International. Construction continued into the summer when it was finally completed. In August, the company advertised to sell the tractor-trailer tanker and purchased 16 pair of gloves. This month proved to be a very important time for the young company.

The township supervisors provided a major boost to the fire company’s firefighting capabilities by providing funding to purchase a used pumper from Baltimore County, Maryland. On August 6th, the company voted to purchase a 1954 Mack pumper from Liberty Road Fire Company in Maryland. This engine gave the company its first Class A pumper. This engine had a 750 GPM Hale pump, a 500 gallon water tank, a 35 foot extension ladder, a large hose bed, a 3000 watt generator and flood lights. Also on August 29, 1970 the new building was formally dedicated. At the time of the dedication, the officers and men of the fire company were commended by the entire township and neighboring communities for the completion of a long hard struggle. Their accomplishment actually started a trend in the company that is still with us today. The month of August 1970 was truly a turning point for our company. In September, the company purchased and installed two-way radios in the chief’s vehicles. In November, a second well was drilled to a depth of 406 feet to establish a more dependable domestic water supply for the station. In December, the company voted to sell or scrap the first piece of fire equipment the company had ever had, the 1949 Ford tanker. The summer and fall of this year was also a period of controversy in the township. The controversy was related to a sharply increased fee imposed by the Borough of Middletown for fire protection services in the township. In December, the township supervisors elected to lapse the contract with Middletown and rely on the Londonderry Fire Company No. 1 and mutual aid packs for complete fire protection. This was to go into effect on January 01, 1971. Thus, the fire company that was born to be a supplemental organization to the contracted companies, faces the new year as the primary fire protection for the township.