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On January 1st, the fire company embarked on its new mission as the primary provider of fire protection in Londonderry Township. Dauphin County Control, located in the basement of the Dauphin County Courthouse, assigned the company the designation “Company D-54”(Engine company D-54). KGE-633, County Control took over the dispatch responsibilities for the company from Middletown Borough at this point. In February, the company installed dusk to dawn lights. In March, the fund drive letters were taken door to door by the firefighters. In April, cigarette and candy machines were installed in the social hall and a pool table was donated to the company. The company formed a committee to investigate the possibility of establishing an ambulance service. The company also purchased its first protective breathing equipment. They purchased two Scott Air Packs and four spare cylinders.

As a measure to insure current membership, the company decided to change the membership card color each year. In June, the old tractor-trailer tanker was disposed of, the trailer was sold to Hemp Brothers Construction for $100.00. The tractor was cut up for scrap and the tires were sold. In July, the company entered its first pumping contest with the Dauphin County “Old Time Company’s” and came home with a second place trophy. For the young company, this was a proud accomplishment and the trophy was proudly displayed. In August, the men agreed to purchase a hood fan for $750.00 and an extinguisher for $1000.00, which was needed for the kitchen. The ladies auxiliary agreed to purchase the wall and base cabinets. This was to be done only if the men were to have use of the kitchen whenever they desired. In October, the company purchased a squad truck, a 1954 Chevy panel truck from Maytown Fire Company for $500.00.