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In January, the company sold the 1954 International to Fisherville Fire Co. for $1.00. Fisherville was a young fire company, younger than us, believe it or not. This time we can help give back to other fire companies, like we were helped in the beginning. On January 14th, with the funds being assured, we ordered the new Horton 500 ambulance on a Dodge chassis, what another highlight in our history. On June 12th the new ambulance arrived and on July 4th, at the Sunset Park Bicentennial Celebration, the new ambulance was dedicated. In December, a by-laws amendment is proposed to allow woman to join the fire company, this was due to insurance purposes with running on the ambulance. Later in the month, the State Boiler Division told the company that they no longer approved the existing heating system, a year was given to submit plans for a new system.