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In January, the Swatara Creek floods and the fire company volunteers an estimated 4000 man-hours helping the residents of the township. We also installed an exhaust fan in the social hall. In February, the additional 4-inch hose is received. This brings our amount to 1600 feet of LDH. We also sold the old squad truck to Tim Brady who lived in the township. In March, the Swatara Creek floods again, more man-hours spent cleaning up. In May, we are filling polls again and raising funds. In August, the company purchases a utility body to be used on the forestry chassis we purchased last year. The members again do all the wiring, painting, welding, etc to put the unit in service. We also purchased 3000 new hard cards for bingo, we wore the old ones out. In October, the women assume the duties of the bingo game, which have been run by the male members for years. The company also enters a candidate in the Dauphin County Fireman’s Association Queen contest for next year.