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In January, we found the need to have our water tested every 90 days. In February, we were offered a Chevy carryall frame from Ed Barb in good condition. The Department of Transportation Hazardous Material books arrived and were placed in the apparatus. There was a small problem with some firefighters signing on with county control using “engine five four”. They were reminded to use the correct usage as “engine fifty-four” since that is our county designation. We were also reminded of the child labor law and therefore allowed no one under the age of eighteen to be in the kitchen around the stoves. In March, the company approved a bunkroom, as long as those using this privilege helped to keep the building clean. In April, an ice machine was installed in the kitchen. In May, we finally joined the Pa State Fireman’s Association. The Scott air packs were converted from demand to pressure demand to improve protection. In June, we had installed Culligan filters on the water system.

In August, we were getting bids for the remainder of the new addition. In September, we purchased turnout gear and air packs to be located in the ambulance. In November, there was a change in designations with county control. The bullet wagon, then called “Engine 54-1” was now designated to “Brush 54” and the Howe pumper-tanker was called “Engine 54-2” was now designated to “Tanker 54”. This eliminated some confusion on mutual aid calls. In December, we were reminded to use the P.O. Box and not the street address for our mail service.