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In January, the new engine arrived and was almost rejected due to the use of an Akron Teflon ball on the 5-inch discharge. We have had significant problems with our water in the township, it eats away at this type of valve. Fortunately, the new addition was sufficiently completed to house the new engine. In February, we installed iodine feeders on the water system and also installed the racks in the new addition for the turnout gear. The blue was for personal gear and the gray was for the fire company gear. We also started buying our fuel from CE Lutz Fuel Company due to the best price. On March 1st, the new engine was placed in-service as Engine 54. The 1954 Mack was still in-service as Engine 54-1. The Ladies Auxiliary purchased several TFT nozzles for use on the new engine. On April 21st, we sandblasted the floor on the old engine bays to get ready to paint the walls.

In May, several of the officers went to the Lancaster County Fireman’s Association Fire Expo to purchase a deluge gun to be used on the new engine. They purchased a 34/22 Akron Apollo Deck gun for $1,350.00. In June, the township re-blacktopped the front ramp area of the building and also agreed to cut the grass behind the station. In July, the walls got painted in the old engine bays, what a project but it turned out great! We also ordered seven Cairns-Metro helmets. In August, we started monthly dinners as fundraisers. We purchased neck straps for the SCBA face pieces and a used bingo machine from Highspire Fire Company for $400.00. On October 4th, the new addition was finally completed, just in time for the scheduled dedication. The dedication was held on October 13th and it was a combination event. It was the fire companies 21st Anniversary and we were dedicating the new Sutphen engine to the “Charter Member’s of Londonderry Fire Co. No. 1 and the new building addition to the memory of Frank Hummert and Stanley Wisniewski.