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In January, we had installed in the ready room, pinball and video games. The company began the paperwork for a state loan to purchase a new ambulance. In February, a motion was made and passed to purchase a 1985 Horton 501X Ford ambulance at the cost of $52,386.00 plus our old ambulance as a trade-in. In May, a fourth hydrant was installed in the township, this one is at the new Met-ed boat landing on Route 441. The 1974 Howe tanker was also being refurbished by Swab Wagon Works in Elizabethville for a total cost of $15,000.00. In August, the Sayre Fire Company purchased the old siren for $200.00. In October, the company purchased 1600 ft. of 5-inch hose with couplers and a ten year warranty for $5,735.00. This hose replaced the old 4-inch LDH, which was later sold. In November, the company renovated the social hall heating system. On December 11th the new ambulance arrived and was placed in-service. We loaned the old Dodge ambulance to Bainbridge since there’s was involved in a wreck while responding to a call.