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In January, the company purchased a Milwaukee sawsaal saw and a float dock strainer. We also installed the hose dryer and washer from TMI. In March, the 25th Anniversary planning was started. The building committee started to make plans to remodel the social hall during the winter months. The old chairs were sold for $0.50 each. A motion was made and passed to buy a doorbell for the outside of the engine bay side door. The company also made a motion to give the senior citizens use of the social hall for no charge. In April, the blueprints were ready for remodeling of the social hall and Keith Goodyear began the construction of the monument in the front of the station. In June, a new daylight dispatch procedure was put in effect for Middletown, from 6 AM to 5PM- Company 54 will be dispatched as first alarm. In July, we were informed that an additional 140 trailers were going into Cedar Manor Trailer Park. We also had bottled water coolers installed in the ready room. In October, a carnival committee was formed to plan for a carnival next summer. We were going to try this again.