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In January, the fire company auxiliary donated $11,000.00 towards the total of $22,320.00 for stone facing and vinyl siding to be put on the entire building. March was a very busy month with the fire company submitting a bid for $14,554.00 to buy a 1993 Chevy Blazer from the Elizabethtown Fire Company. The fire police purchased a 1978 Chevy step van from the Linglestown Fire Company for $3,000.00. The fire police received a grant from the Dauphin County Economic and Development for $12,500.00 in which they used to buy traffic control equipment for their vehicle. They put their FIRST new vehicle in service and called it Utility 54. In August, the fire company started a new committee called the “Capitol Improvements Committee.” The chairman is Dr. Edward Swartz. The company also sold the 1987 Chevy Blazer to Stephen Goho. September was a very tragic month due to the World Trade Center Disaster on September 11th.

Our fire police members were called down to Three Mile Island (TMI) to help secure the gates against any terrorist attacks. The fire company wanted to help the family members of the New York Firefighters so they decided to put jars around the township to collect money. The proceeds of the October basket bingo and a few dinners were given to help the loved ones of the New York firefighters. This was a very sad time for our country. In October the township road crew repaved the parking lot and around the barbeque pit. They also removed the old sand mound in the back field at no cost to the fire company. In December, the ambulance committee purchased a new Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) to replace the old and outdated one. It was a very busy year but we understand more about the meaning of “Our Fellow Firefighter.”