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The fire company started a truck committee to compile specifications for a new engine (Engine 54-1). The Capital Improvement Committee is working on several projects. A new phone system for the firehouse, a computer networking system and a major renovation of a possible second floor on the existing firehouse above the engine room bays and rear offices. This second floor will include a male/female bunkroom and several different offices. Lot’s of plan’s and financial options are needed for this project. And the work goes on! In June, for the first time, the fire company hosted with the three Middletown Fire companies the 2002 Dauphin County Convention. Hundreds of hours were spent planning and pulling off a massive amount of fire equipment. The committee and helpers were commended for such a great job. A FABULOUS time was had by all who attended! The Fireman’s Relief Association purchased a new Eagle air station for use in filling the air packs. This was done with help of donations and a fundraiser.