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2004 International/Central States Urban Interface pumper with a 1000 GPM pump which carries 500 gallons of water and 25 gallons of class “A” foam. Engine 54-1 has seating for 5 firefighters and carries 5 MSA SCBA's. There is a full compliment of various hand tools for structure and forest fires on either side. Engine 54-1 responds first out on brush fires and structure fires in predetermined target areas where larger apparatus have a difficult time accessing. The Engine also features two 200 feet of pre-connected 1.75” attack lines, front bumper mounted remote turret that is controlled from inside the cab, 300 feet of 1” booster reel hose, and 600 feet of 1” forestry line. The Engine is equipped with a 10KW Hydraulic generator and has 3250 watts of fixed and portable lighting. Engine 54-1 carries 1000 feet of 5 inch supply line, 500 feet of 2.5 inch supply line, and 300 feet of 1.75 inch supply line. There are two Stihl chainsaws of different sizes.