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Box 54-8 was dispatched @ 20:48 To assist the Three Mile Island Fire Brigade with a working pick-up truck fire. While Chief Shellenhamer was en-route county advised that TMI security was advising multiple vehicles involved. Chief 54 added Engine 88-1 to the box. Company 74 was on scene and had their equipment truck there with a 1 3/4" line in service. Engine 54 arrived and confirmed a working fire. Engine crew utilized the 1 3/4" trash line after scaling a security barricade to reach the fire. Engine 88-1 arrived and pulled a line to attack the fire at the rear. Engine 54-1 arrived a placed a line in service near the opposite end of the fire. Utility 54 arrived and provided lighting. Fire involved three pick-up trucks with heat damage to a back hoe. Units used a Class A foam line from Engine 54-1 to overhaul and the box was placed in service.

Units: Company 74, Engines 54, 54-1, 88-1 and Utility 54