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County dispatched company 54 to Box 54-1 Swatara Creek Road for a Chimney Fire. Captain 54 (Kandrac) arrived and the home owner advised the fire was out. Engine 54 arrived and checked the flue. While the crew were taking apart the flue pipe county tapped out the tones for a 54-6 box on Ginrich Road for a reported brush fire. Engine 54 and Captain 54 went en route. County advised that the caller was reporting the fire was getting close to structures. Captain 54 upgraded the box to a structure fire. Units arrived and reported a fast moving Brush fire with winds near 35MPH. Engine 54-1 crews put into service 2 booster reels and a 300' forestry line. Numerous mutual aid units arrived and took positions at different residences and attacked the fire from those locations. Crew remained on scene with many dead trees that were still smoldering. Fire was started by downed power lines from the wind.

Command: Captain 54(Kandrac)
Units: Engines 54, 54-1, 48-2, 59, 88-1, 7-1-2, 7-4-2 Tankers 47, 59, 7-1, 7-11 Rescue 88, Utility 54