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County dispatched Box 54-2 around 1400hrs on Walnut Lane for a reported structure fire. E-54 (Lieutenant Naples) went en-route and county advised that the neighbor across the street could see flame coming from the roof and chimney. E-54 arrived and reported nothing showing side A. Tanker 54 (Captain Kandrac) and Captain 54 took interior sector. E-54 crew went interior and found a fire in the wood stove with normal conditions inside. E-88 crew went to the roof and found that material around the flue cap was burned. Crews removed the burned debris from around the flue and interior crew removed the wood from the fire place. Box was placed in service.

Command: Lieutenant Naples
Units: Engines 54, 54-1, 88, 46, Truck 88, Tankers 54, 59, 47, R-88 and South Central EMS