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County dispatched Box 54-7 for a reported structure fire at the Cedar Manor Trailer court. Captain 54 (Kandrac) went en route and county advised that the caller was reporting a dryer on fire in the residence and they were attempting to extinguish it. Firefighter Bissinger arrived and advised that the trailer was evacuated and there was heavy smoke inside. E-54 (Chief Shellenhamer) arrived and crews went inside to investigate. Crews checked the dryer vent and advised the fire was out. Command held the box to Company 54. Crews checked under the trailer for extension and cleared the large amount of Dry Chem. from inside the trailer with a PPV. Boxed was placed in service.

Command: Captain 54 (Kandrac)
Units: Engines 54, 54-1, 88, LanCo 7-4-2, Tankers 54, 59, LanC0 7-11, R-88 Utility 54 and Londonderry EMS