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This morning at 0841 hours Tanker 54 was dispatched on Box 81-1, Conewago Place Rehab Center, to assist Station 48 on an automatic fire alarm. While enroute, County advised they received a call from the premis saying they had smoke in the kitchen. The alarm was upgraded and Engine 48-1 arrived to find a working fire in the kitchen floor joists which extended up the kitchen walls and into the common loft. Tanker 54 (Captain Dupler) arrived and set up on side A of the structure to supply Engine 48-1 with water. The tanker crew secured the buildings electric and then went to work in the basement where fire had spread into an electrical room. Due to a lack of manpower and water, Command called for a second alarm 0908 which brought Engine 54 and numerous other mutual aid companies to the scene. The fire was marked under control at 0957 and the Tanker and Engine remained on scene for just under 3 hours assisting with extinguishment and overhaul.

Units: E48, E48-1, E54, E88, Leb. E1, Leb. E2, Lanc. E7-4-2, L48, R48, Leb. R2, Air 48
T54, T59, Leb. T2, Leb. T3, Lanc. T7-1, Lanc. T7-11, X48-2 (Knapp)