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County dispatched Box 54-2 @ 02:12 For an Accident with Entrapment at Colebrook and Steinruck Roads. Chief 54-2 (Kleinfelter) went en route and county advised of a head on collision with possibly 6 patients with 1 entrapped. Engine 54 ( Chief Shellenhamer) and Chief 2 arrived. Chief 2 established command and Chief 54 assumed extrication. Eng crew started Pt care, stabilized the vehicle and started to make the cuts on the roof of the passenger side of the vehicle. Eng 54-1 (Captain Kandrac) arrived and set up lighting at the vehicle and assisted with Pt care. Rescue 88 arrived and started the cuts on the drivers side of the roof. Utility 54 arrived with 3 firefighters and blocked traffic for the Fire Police and reported to the command post. Extrication was marked at 02:48. Crews pick-up and after washing down the road way command placed the box in service. Good job by all!