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County dispatched Company 54 around 10:15 for a reported working tractor trailer fire on Route 283 East bound about 1/4 mile passed the Toll House Road exit. County then advised rapid calls reporting a car carrier on fire with multiple vehicles involved. With this info Captain 54 (Kandrac) went responding with Tanker 54 and a crew of 4. Tanker 54 arrived and advised of a working fire. Crews pulled an attack line and started to knock down the fire. Engine 54-1 arrived and pulled a foam line and assisted the tanker crew. Command requested Engine 88 for additional manpower. Engine 54 and 88 arrived and assisted with overhaul. Utility 54 set up to close the East Bound lanes until hose could be repositioned to open a lane.

Command: Chief 54-2 (Kleinfelter)
Units: Engines 54, 54-1, 88 Tanker 54 and Utility 54