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County dispatched Box54-7 for a reported working structure fire. Engine 54(Chief Shellenhamer) went enroute and county advised of a well off fire in a large chicken coupe with 2 - 1000 gallon propane tanks located near the structure, with this info the Chief added the first alarm tankers to the box. Units arrived to find a 75'x250' metal 2 story chicken house with fire showing on side C that was about 10% involved with an exposure on side D with the same dimensions. LanCo Engine 74-2 arrived and laid a 5" line down the lane to the building. Engine 54 arrived and set up at the end of the lane to draft the port-a-tank. Truck 88 arrived and staged by the building because of poor road conditions. Tanker 54 arrived and dropped their port-a-tank and a load of water and were off to fill. Engine 74-2's crew pulled an 1 3/4" and 2 1/2" lines and found fire on the second floor at the roof and made a quick knock of the fire. Engine 54-1 arrived and a misunderstood assignment their chauffeur tried to place the unit between 2 buildings where it sunk in the mud (thanks to the township loader for the extrication). Units remained on the scene for a couple of hours doing overhaul.

Command: Chief 54 Shellenhamer
Units: Engines 54, 54-1 LanCo 7-4-2, Truck 88, Tankers 54, 59, LanCo 7-11, 7-1, Utility 54 and Ambulance 54-1