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In January, a glass-covered bulletin board was installed in the firehouse. This was used for important papers like, drivers list, blue light list, etc. In February, the Middletown Hemlock Hall fire occurred in the Village of Pineford. We laid the LDH and supplied a large portion of the water using all three engines. The Mack and the tanker-pumper were on hydrants and the bullet wagon was using a portable pump and its pump to supply water from the Swatara Creek. This is what it takes for teamwork. Also in February, the bids were received for phase one of the project. The bids were too high, so the company decided to do all the work, except heating and electrical. By March, the new boiler and restrooms were installed and the remainder of phase one is underway. The senior citizens group in the township began to use the social hall. In April, we held a ham and bean soup sale as a fundraiser.

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In January, the Swatara Creek floods and the fire company volunteers an estimated 4000 man-hours helping the residents of the township. We also installed an exhaust fan in the social hall. In February, the additional 4-inch hose is received. This brings our amount to 1600 feet of LDH. We also sold the old squad truck to Tim Brady who lived in the township. In March, the Swatara Creek floods again, more man-hours spent cleaning up. In May, we are filling polls again and raising funds. In August, the company purchases a utility body to be used on the forestry chassis we purchased last year. The members again do all the wiring, painting, welding, etc to put the unit in service. We also purchased 3000 new hard cards for bingo, we wore the old ones out. In October, the women assume the duties of the bingo game, which have been run by the male members for years. The company also enters a candidate in the Dauphin County Fireman’s Association Queen contest for next year.

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In January, the exhaust fan and grill were installed the kitchen. Bids were received for the electrical wiring on the addition, Glenn Sadler’s bid for $1100.00 was accepted. We established a fire scene dress code for junior members, red helmets and they must follow a line officer. A need for a doctors excuse was established to return to duty. No pets are allowed in the fire hall. We traded with Union Hose Co. of Middletown a stokes basket for seven pair of bunker pants. We also changed the name of chief driver to engineer. In February, an agreement was reached between the Ladies Auxiliary and the fire company on the use of the kitchen. We also voted to move one night of bingo from Saturday night to Friday due to competition. In March, the metal stalls are installed in the restrooms. The Lion’s Club is granted permission to meet in the social hall on Wednesday nights. In May, we built a dunk tank for our carnivals.

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In January, we found the need to have our water tested every 90 days. In February, we were offered a Chevy carryall frame from Ed Barb in good condition. The Department of Transportation Hazardous Material books arrived and were placed in the apparatus. There was a small problem with some firefighters signing on with county control using “engine five four”. They were reminded to use the correct usage as “engine fifty-four” since that is our county designation. We were also reminded of the child labor law and therefore allowed no one under the age of eighteen to be in the kitchen around the stoves. In March, the company approved a bunkroom, as long as those using this privilege helped to keep the building clean. In April, an ice machine was installed in the kitchen. In May, we finally joined the Pa State Fireman’s Association. The Scott air packs were converted from demand to pressure demand to improve protection. In June, we had installed Culligan filters on the water system.

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On January 11th the ambulance received its Voluntary Ambulance Service Certification. The ambulance was now VAS certified and this required an EMT to be in the back of the ambulance on all responses. In March, the uniform patch layout was adopted with the flag on right arm and the company patch on the left arm. In June, we purchased a new boat trailer. In July, the company contracted Commonwealth Security Systems to install a fire and burglar alarm system for the station. Also In July, the Bainbridge Fire Company notified our company that they were establishing a “Chief of Bainbridge Memorial Fund” in memory of their Fire Chief Dennis Ginder who was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Our company contributed to this fund. In August, a water fountain was installed in the hallway. In September, the company gave its approval for a new engine and the truck committee was to submit the specifications for bids.

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