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In January, we purchased a new dunk tank from A-1 at a cost of $1,200.00. The building renovations are underway again. On May 17th, the perk and probe for the new septic system is done. On May 29th the company members started on the new roof. In August, we had a ground rod installed for lightning protection. This was done after the station was struck by lightning. The lightning strike took out the phone system, TV and many fluorescent light ballasts. In the summer months, the truck committee was busy meeting with several manufacturers and putting together a specification for a new tanker. This tanker would replace the old 1974 Howe tanker. In September, we finished the work on the roof, it was completed with help from many fire company members. In October, the new sand mound septic system was completed. We also had our wells hydraulically fractured to improve their water producing capability.

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In January, the 1994 Ford/Horton ambulance went into service. A motion was made to have the bathrooms and hallway redone by our member Butch Byers for a price not to exceed $10,000.00. In March, a motion was made to advertise in the PA Fireman to sell the old 74 Howe Tanker for $50,000.00. In April, the bathrooms and hallway was completed by Butch Byers. What a great job! June meeting a bid was accepted for $9,650.00 to construct a pole barn in back of the firehouse. In August, a motion was made to spend $2,500.00 for purchases of bunk beds and lockers for the bunkroom. On November 16th the new 1994 Spartan/Saulsbury Tanker was delivered. All the work was worth it now!

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In January, the 1974 Howe Tanker was sold to Northwest Firetrucks in Colorado, it is now in service at Marcellus Michigan. A motion was made to purchase from Dennis Murray, a F150 pickup truck for $1,300.00 to be used as a non-emergency vehicle. On April 23rd a housing for the new 1994 Spartan/Saulsbury Tanker took place at the firehouse. The tanker was dedicated to Charles Welcomer, a passed Fire Chief.

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In January, the F150 pickup truck was sold to a township resident for $500.00. In May, we voted to get rid of the underground gas tanks and go with Pacific Pride out of Middletown. In November, a motion was made to except a bid of $250,000.00 for a new 1997 Spartan/New Lexington Engine after long hours by our truck committee.

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In March, a motion was made to advertise to sell our 1984 Sutphen Engine for a price of $65,000.00. The rest of the year was pretty quiet until December when the new Spartan/New Lexington Engine was delivered.

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