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On January 13th the fourteen bids for the new engine were opened. The truck committee reviewed the bids and would bring back to the company in February the best ones. We also began the use of the TOT finder stickers. At the February meeting, we approved the purchase of the new engine to be built by Sutphen in Ohio. This engine would have a 1500 GPM pump, a 1000 gallon tank, eight cross-lays and a pre-connected deluge gun. In July, the Zeager fire occurred and destroyed a major portion of the Zeager Brother’s Sawmill on Route 230. October found us hosting our first open house for Fire Prevention Week.

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In January, the new engine arrived and was almost rejected due to the use of an Akron Teflon ball on the 5-inch discharge. We have had significant problems with our water in the township, it eats away at this type of valve. Fortunately, the new addition was sufficiently completed to house the new engine. In February, we installed iodine feeders on the water system and also installed the racks in the new addition for the turnout gear. The blue was for personal gear and the gray was for the fire company gear. We also started buying our fuel from CE Lutz Fuel Company due to the best price. On March 1st, the new engine was placed in-service as Engine 54. The 1954 Mack was still in-service as Engine 54-1. The Ladies Auxiliary purchased several TFT nozzles for use on the new engine. On April 21st, we sandblasted the floor on the old engine bays to get ready to paint the walls.

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In January, we had installed in the ready room, pinball and video games. The company began the paperwork for a state loan to purchase a new ambulance. In February, a motion was made and passed to purchase a 1985 Horton 501X Ford ambulance at the cost of $52,386.00 plus our old ambulance as a trade-in. In May, a fourth hydrant was installed in the township, this one is at the new Met-ed boat landing on Route 441. The 1974 Howe tanker was also being refurbished by Swab Wagon Works in Elizabethville for a total cost of $15,000.00. In August, the Sayre Fire Company purchased the old siren for $200.00. In October, the company purchased 1600 ft. of 5-inch hose with couplers and a ten year warranty for $5,735.00. This hose replaced the old 4-inch LDH, which was later sold. In November, the company renovated the social hall heating system. On December 11th the new ambulance arrived and was placed in-service. We loaned the old Dodge ambulance to Bainbridge since there’s was involved in a wreck while responding to a call.

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In January, the company arranged with Helm’s Grocery store to act as a distribution point for the UHF ambulance pagers. The ambulance personnel could stop and get a pager when they were on duty crew and then return it the next day or so. In April, the line officers reported that the box alarms are now on their second draft. A new VAS sticker will soon be in for the new ambulance. In May, a monument was suggested for the front of the building. In August, the company purchased a 1979 utility vehicle to replace the existing Utility 54. In September, the company hired a janitor to clean the building. On November 1st, the new utility went into service. Also in November, the company chained off the front yard due to the bingo players parking on the grass. In December, the front ramps were again re-blacktopped by the township.

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In April, we placed “No Parking” signs at the gas pumps. The monument committee was formed. In May, the company appointed a 25th Anniversary committee to plan for this celebration. In June, we were offered a hose dryer and washer from TMI. In July, the 1954 Mack was sold for $5,000.00 to a Lancaster Pump Primers member. The old utility was sold to Dauphin County Station 34 for $1,000.00. In another matter in July, the company was concerned about the grass not being mowed by the township. A member, Dusty Fernback made a motion to buy sheep. This motion did not pass. You never know what is going to be brought up at the company meetings! In August, there were four new windows installed in the social hall. In September, the company moved to close bingo on Monday nights. For many years, two nights of bingo was worked by many members. Friday nights are still going strong today! In November, it was decided to dedicate the new monument, to say “In Memory of all the deceased members of the Londonderry Fire Co. No.1”.

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