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In January, the company purchased a Milwaukee sawsaal saw and a float dock strainer. We also installed the hose dryer and washer from TMI. In March, the 25th Anniversary planning was started. The building committee started to make plans to remodel the social hall during the winter months. The old chairs were sold for $0.50 each. A motion was made and passed to buy a doorbell for the outside of the engine bay side door. The company also made a motion to give the senior citizens use of the social hall for no charge. In April, the blueprints were ready for remodeling of the social hall and Keith Goodyear began the construction of the monument in the front of the station. In June, a new daylight dispatch procedure was put in effect for Middletown, from 6 AM to 5PM- Company 54 will be dispatched as first alarm. In July, we were informed that an additional 140 trailers were going into Cedar Manor Trailer Park. We also had bottled water coolers installed in the ready room. In October, a carnival committee was formed to plan for a carnival next summer. We were going to try this again.

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Not a lot happened in 1989. In July, the Winross trucks arrived. The summer also brought the carnival at Saturdays Market. A lot of work but also a lot of fun was had by all! In December, the company purchased their own soda machine.

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In February, new insulated electronic bay doors were purchased and installed. In March, the company approved the use of Northern EMS for daylight ambulance help. The establishment of a bunkroom was approved again. The earlier bunkroom was withdrawn, after the care of the building was not done by the members. In April, the new phone system was installed in the station. A contract was made with Medic 2 to provide ALS coverage. During the summer, specifications were written for a new four-wheel drive attack truck to replace the 1979 utility truck. In December, a motion was made to buy Attack 54 from Ken Hess Motors in Middletown.

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On February 22nd, the ambulance received its license to operate under the new state mandated ambulance licensure procedure. In April, the company boat was U.S. Coast Guard certified and the new attack was put in-service just four months after it was ordered. The company sold the old utility truck to Rick Dugan for $1,500.00. The company also accepted a bid from Steve Goho to build a BBQ pit for the chicken barbeques. In May, the company purchased its own candy machine to be put in the ready room. In July, the vest packs Indian tanks for use on brush fires were placed in-service. The company accepted an Eagle air compressor system from TMI for use in filling air pack cylinders. In August, the auxiliary purchased a storage shed to store carnival supplies.

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In January, the fire chief informed the company that we would no longer have riders on the tailboard of the tanker for safety reasons and to meet NFPA standards. In February, the fire protection system in the kitchen was upgraded. The new racks for the turnout gear in the engine bays were installed. The company approved the sale of the Winross trucks for $25.00 to fire company members and $40.00 to non-company members. In September, the company passed a motion to have non-smoking meetings at the request of our longtime treasurer, Ken Martin. In November, the company installed a cellular phone in the ambulance to enhance communications. In December, we purchased a brand new bingo machine with all the bells and whistles.

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