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Company History

The new year began with no progress on the building. By February, Mr. McCorkel had refused to rebuild the building. The company was offered help from Mylin Messick in the rebuilding. In March, the rebuilding was underway and had again reached the point of setting the trusses. A little humor was needed, Crist Carlson donated a fifth of Four Roses Whiskey, to be given to the crane operator, if he does a good job. If he does not, then the company is to drink the whiskey. Also in March, the trucks were designated to be called as radio call signs (#1-pumper, #2-small tank, #3-tractor trailer). March also saw the Ladies Auxiliary buying the first new six pair of boots for the men. In August, the officers are saying “help is needed, too many chiefs-not enough Indians”. The company holds a chicken BBQ with Maytown and another fair at Dolly Mac’s. In September, the officers stated “either get some volunteers or we will contract out and this will cost money”.

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The year began with the new by-laws going into effect. Also, in January, the grating obtained last December was cut-up for the drains in the engine bays. This grating came from the old bridge on Deodate Rd. In February, a pay phone was installed in the firehouse. In March, the company passed the by-laws Article 4, Section 4, Sub-section C, establishing the membership dues at $2.00 payable from October until the end of the year. After the beginning of the new year, the dues are $3.00 until the end of March. After the end of March, if dues have not been paid, the member is expelled and must reapply. In June, the company sent a letter to the county commissioners to get approval of the firehouse as a polling place in the township. In the summer, the building was sufficiently ready to occupy, but construction continued into the summer of 1970. The construction had been delayed for almost a year and finances were strained. Most of the construction was accomplished with volunteer labor by the fireman.

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The year began with the company being informed by Dauphin County Control that we can not have a siren unless it is tied into KGE-633. So at this time, the company sent a letter to the county dispatch requesting that a button and alarm tone be reserved for our future use. In March, the relief association purchased 16 canvas duck coats with liners, 16 aluminum helmets and 9 pair of three quarter inch boots. The company also erected three sections of the siren tower. In April, the company installed 4 electronic air cleaning units in the social hall area. The original tanker truck is replaced with a newer used tanker, a 1954 International. Construction continued into the summer when it was finally completed. In August, the company advertised to sell the tractor-trailer tanker and purchased 16 pair of gloves. This month proved to be a very important time for the young company.

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On January 1st, the fire company embarked on its new mission as the primary provider of fire protection in Londonderry Township. Dauphin County Control, located in the basement of the Dauphin County Courthouse, assigned the company the designation “Company D-54”(Engine company D-54). KGE-633, County Control took over the dispatch responsibilities for the company from Middletown Borough at this point. In February, the company installed dusk to dawn lights. In March, the fund drive letters were taken door to door by the firefighters. In April, cigarette and candy machines were installed in the social hall and a pool table was donated to the company. The company formed a committee to investigate the possibility of establishing an ambulance service. The company also purchased its first protective breathing equipment. They purchased two Scott Air Packs and four spare cylinders.

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In April, the remodeling of the kitchen was completed. The company adopted the color “lime yellow” for the fire equipment by a vote of 15-4. In May, the company adopted a revised constitution and by-laws. In June, the flood Agnes hit the township and the firehouse was used to shelter 93 people/45 families. The firefighters and auxiliary members logged thousands of hours helping many township residents and a few others, like the banana truck driver who tried to drive through the water in front of Stephanie’s 230 Diner. The flood did point out a need for two new services in the township. One need was for a water rescue service and the other was the need for an ambulance service. In August, the company purchased a rescue boat and motor. To make the system complete, the boat trailer was donated by a township resident. The search also began to look for a used ambulance. In October, the company voted to sponsor the Boy Scouts Troop 97.

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